5 Benefits of Staying at Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals with Arcade Games

A multicade arcade machine.

One of the best parts of staying at our cabin rentals in Gatlinburg, TN is that they are loaded with free entertainment! In addition to flat screen TVs, high-speed wireless internet, and fun activities like billiards and foosball, some of our cabins come equipped with full-size arcade machines. To help you make the most of your next vacation, Stony Brook Cabins has put together a guide to the top five benefits of choosing Gatlinburg cabin rentals with arcade games.

1. Many Games in One

Unlike the machines you would find at a typical arcade, the machines at our cabins come loaded with many different games. At some of our properties, a single arcade console can play up to 30,000 games! Guests will be able to enjoy all of their favorite arcade classics, such as Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Donkey Kong. With these unique multicade consoles, it’s easy to switch between games, so you can explore the impressive library of hits from the ‘80s and beyond.

2. No Quarters RequiredAn arcade game in a cabin in Gatlinburg.

A trip to one of the arcades in downtown Gatlinburg can get very expensive as you keep pumping quarters into the machines to continue your game. When you stay at one of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals with arcade games, however, you won’t have to spend a cent to enjoy the fun! All of the machines at our cabins are set to “free play” mode, so there is no need to keep a big bag of change on hand.

3. Finally Beat the Games You Never Finished

If you have some unfinished business with the arcade games of your youth, now is the time to finally set things right! Back in the day, a lack of money or an early curfew may have kept you from beating Donkey Kong or declaring victory in Frogger, but during your vacation, you will have no such constraints. With unlimited time and unlimited virtual quarters, nothing stands between you and the ultimate high score (except maybe your family’s insistence that you leave the cabin).

4. Share Your Skills with the Next Generation

Staying at our cabins with arcade games presents the opportunity for parents to pass on their wisdom to their children. While kids today may be well versed in modern video games like Minecraft or Angry Birds, they might not have an appreciation for the classics. During your vacation, you can teach your little ones how to avoid the ghosts in Pac-Man or the secret to defeating the aliens in Galaga. Sharing the games that you played when you were younger with your children can be a wonderful bonding experience.

A multicade arcade machine in a Gatlinburg cabin rental.5. Rainy Day Fun

A little rain during your vacation is nothing to fear when you stay at our Gatlinburg cabin rentals with arcade games! If a stormy forecast has put a hold on your outdoor plans, you can always spend the afternoon playing the awesome games in your digital library. The weather can clear up quickly in the Smokies, so sometimes all it takes is a few rounds of Donkey Kong for the sun to come out again.

To start planning your getaway, browse our complete selection of cabins in Gatlinburg. If you have any questions about which of our properties have arcade games, don’t hesitate to give our friendly vacation specialists a call!

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