5 Reasons Taking a Smoky Mountain Vacation Will Make You Better at Work

Stream in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park during fall.

Year after year, thousands of people let their vacation days go to waste. Believe it or not, there’s actually many beneficial reasons to take a Smoky Mountain vacation each year. Here’s why you need to take advantage of your time and make your way to the mountains:

1. You’ll become more inspired to work.

When you take a vacation, don’t you feel more inspired once you return home? That’s exactly how we feel, too. We want you to feel inspired to do your work and do it well. So, a Smoky Mountain vacation can help you do just that. Whether you’re inspired by relaxing in a Smoky Mountain cabin rental, taking a hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or spending time at a local restaurant, there’s something for everyone in the Smokies.

2. Stepping away from your everyday life will give you a much needed break.

Sometimes you just need to get away, right? Sometimes it would be nice to step out of your everyday life and just experience something new. Well, that’s what the Smoky Mountains can do for you. You can step away from all of the busy work, school and activity schedules and just enjoy living in the moment.

3. Taking a break will boost creativity.Happy couple hiking on their Smoky Mountain vacation.

When you get away for a little while, you can really boost your creativity. Even if your work isn’t one that requires a lot of creativity, it’s still good to get your creativity flowing. Spend a little time using your imagination and letting your mind be free from work for a little while. When you stay in the Smoky Mountains, it’s easy to sit back and relax.

4. Experiencing a new culture will welcome new ideas.

New ideas are beneficial to any position, right? When you get out and experience a new culture and atmosphere, you’re more likely to be open to new ideas, especially with the extra boost of creativity on your side. You’ll be able to easily take those ideas back to your workplace to start creating results around your ideas.

5. Plus, there’s a chance you’ll even get paid for taking time off.

Not everyone is offered paid vacation time, but many are. And, believe it or not, many people let their paid vacation time go to waste. When you spend your vacation hours working in the office, you’re not using your time wisely. Paid vacation time is available to give you a break from your work, so it’s only appropriate to take advantage of these hours. And, on top of that, it’s even better that the Smoky Mountains is within a day’s drive of a majority of the United States.

Chairs and a table on the deck of a vacation cabin with incredible views of the Smoky Mountains.Since you aren’t far from the Smoky Mountains, and since you’re definitely in need of a Smoky Mountain vacation, you should take advantage of your vacation time and get away for a few days. Even if it’s just a weekend, we’d love to have you stay with us at Stony Brook Lodging. Take a look at our Smoky Mountain cabins and start planning your Smoky Mountain vacation right away.

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