5 Travel Tips for a Pet-Friendly Gatlinburg Vacation

petdogwithsuitcase.jpgWhen you start planning your vacation to the Smoky Mountains with your pet, make sure you are well prepared. Use these tips for a safe and stress-free pet friendly vacation to the Smokies.

1. Buckle Up!

When you pack your kids up for vacation, you always buckle their seatbelts. It’s safest to do the same thing with your pet! Travel crates and harnesses are available at pet stores, and it will definitely make your trip to the Smoky Mountains much safer.

2. Take a Leash

Before you arrive in the Smoky Mountains, it’s important to make sure you have chosen one of Stony Brook Cabins’ pet friendly Gatlinburg cabin rentals for your stay. These cabins are created specifically for the needs of your pet in mind. Before you arrive in the Smokies, make sure you read up on the attractions and activities that allow pets. Keep in mind, there are only 2 hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains that allow pets. In order to visit these places with your pets, they will have to be leashed, so don’t forget one!

3. Make Sure Your Pet has Proper Identification

Any time you go on vacation, you should make sure your pet has proper identification. Make sure their tags are up to date and the phone numbers are correct. In the unlikely event that something should occur, you will want to make sure you have any veterinary records, too.

4. Pack Enough for the Entire Vacation

Many people make the mistake of packing too little for their pet’s vacation. Be sure to have plenty of food for your stay in the cabin. There are pet stores and grocery stores only minutes from our pet friendly Gatlinburg cabin rentals, but we don’t want you to have to worry about finding extra food. It’s even a good idea to pack things like shampoo, just in case your pet gets too dirty. To make their vacation special, you can pack extra toys and treats, too.

5. Search the Cabin

Each of the properties at Stony Brook Cabins is prepared with your pet in mind. Make sure there is nothing that your pet may bother or chew while you’re on vacation. Anything that may be in the way should be moved to a location where the pet can’t access it.

At Stony Brook Cabins, we want to make sure you have a great vacation with your pet. Should you have any questions about our pet friendly Gatlinburg cabin rentals, or if you’re interested in booking your vacation, give us a call at (866) 742-0078. We will help you choose the best cabin for your stay in the Smokies!

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