5 Popular Amenities Found in Affordable Gatlinburg Luxury Cabins

At Stony Brook Cabins, we’re proud to offer a variety of amenities and options to ensure comfort and relaxation during your stay. After all, amenities are one of the most exciting parts of renting a cabin. That’s why we have compiled a list of five popular amenities you can find in our affordable Gatlinburg luxury cabins. Read all about them below:

1. Free Internet Access (WiFi)
While taking some time to unwind and have a little fun is likely the reason behind booking your luxury cabin in Gatlinburg, being disconnected from the world around you due of lacking of Internet access is probably not what you’re looking for. After all, without WiFi, how are you supposed to post that funny selfie with the stuffed bear or share that gorgeous view from the summit of your hike with your Instagram friends? In addition to staying connected socially, access to the Internet provides entertainment options for rainy days and downtime, ways to research the area once you’re on location, and opportunities to save money via coupons and discount Happy family on computer by fireplace in Gatlinburg cabininformation that is available exclusively online. It’s simply good to have, and, luckily, it’s standard in most of our rentals.

2. Hot Tubs
Hot tubs can add tremendous value to your stay, and they’re found in almost all of our affordable Gatlinburg luxury cabins. What could be more relaxing than sinking into a bubbling hot tub after a day of exploring the Smoky Mountains? And while hot tubs and relaxation go hand in hand, they can also be a lot of fun for families and friends.

3. Pools
Indoor, outdoor, heated – the possibilities are endless, and so is the entertainment. While there is no limit to fun things to do in Gatlinburg, a lot of the activities have some sort of fee for participation. Multiply that by however many family members and friends you have in-tow, and you may have a pricey day ahead of you. Luckily, you and your crew can enjoy a day of fun by the pool for free when staying at a luxury cabin in Gatlinburg. Entertainment aside, imagine curling up with a book poolside surrounded by the scenery of the Smoky Mountains. That kind of relaxation is unmatched.

Home theater at affordable Gatlinburg cabin4. Home Theaters
It’s like going to the movies – but better. There’s no need to worry about the guy two rows ahead and his endless commentary or missing a crucial plot twist because of a restroom break. The possibilities for mid-movie snacks are endless with a full kitchen, so you can pop your own popcorn or enjoy a full meal while watching the newest cinema release or an old favorite. You won’t even have to wonder where the gum under your seat came from or why your feet are sticking to the floor.

5. Games
Whether your cabin is stocked with the newest game systems and gadgets or features old-school arcade games and board game classics, a good stock of games is a favorite amenity in many luxury rentals. Take advantage of the mobility of board games by finally completing a game of Monopoly by a cozy fire or on the deck with the Smokies as your backdrop. Engage in some healthy competition family playing board game in affordable gatlinburg luxury cabinby trying to top your cousin’s high score on Pac-Man, or find out once and for all who truly is the air hockey king – we all know it’s going to be you.

These amenities are not only our favorites because they ensure fun and relaxation; they’re also valuable features that can be found in many of our cabins by making your Gatlinburg vacation that much more affordable.

Getting the most bang for your buck out of your affordable Gatlinburg cabin:

  • Look for specials. Stony Brook Cabins offers seasonal and year-round specials that save you money while vacationing, and military families save 10 percent. Take advantage of these deals and save big. Be sure to check out our current Gatlinburg cabin and chalet specials.
  • Cook at the cabin. All of our cabins feature full kitchens, making meal preparation convenient and easy. Yes, eating out and visiting local hot spots is a part of the vacation experience, but even setting aside one meal a day to be enjoyed at your cabin can save you a tremendous amount of cash.
  • Go as a group. Our group cabins in Gatlinburg offer a range of guest capacities. Save money by splitting the cost eight ways instead of four or 20 ways instead of 10!

To explore all the great amenities and options featured in our affordable Gatlinburg luxury cabins, click here.

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