4 Secret Bonuses of Staying at Gatlinburg Pet Friendly Cabins

When you stay at one of our rentals, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. That means you should have the luxuries of a vacation cabin at your fingertips, along with all the comforts of home around you that you can’t imagine being without. For many of our guests, that means bringing along one thing especially – their pet. That’s why, in addition to other great amenities and options our rentals feature, we have plenty of Gatlinburg pet friendly cabins to choose from. By staying in these rentals during your vacation, you get to enjoy the company of your pet as well as several other perks that come along with it. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of staying in a pet friendly cabin!

Money-Saving Certainty

When you have to leave your pet behind during vacation time, you’re not just arranging pet care, you’re paying for it, too. More often than not, professional pet-sitters and kennels are charging high daily rates knowing that you’ll pay extra for the promise of your pet being well cared for – and that isn’t always the case.

When you stay at one of our pet friendly cabins, you can choose from rentals of every size and amenity option with the added benefit of bringing your beloved canine with you, making your getaway with Fido in-tow inexpensive and fun.

Mother Knows BestGirl playing with dog at gatlinburg pet friendly cabins

No matter how old your children are, how smart they are or furry and four-legged they may be, Mother always knows best. As a pet owner, that means you will likely spend a lot of time worrying about your pet and its care during your absence, regardless of how qualified your kennel or pet sitter is. You know how to care for your pet best, so you’ll certainly be able to relax and enjoy your Smoky Mountain vacation more if he or she is at your side and in your care. When you stay at one of our Gatlinburg pet friendly cabins, you won’t have to distract yourself with worrying about whether or not your pet is receiving proper care. Instead, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation with your canine companion at your side.


By the time you load up the car, buckle, unbuckle and buckle in the kids, and find your cellphone, leaving for your vacation at your scheduled time is a miracle. Now imagine adding a run to the kennel or coaching your neighbor on your pet’s eating schedule to your pre-vacation getaway. Impossible, right? Not to mention those sad puppy eyes as you say goodbye. Save yourself the inconvenience – and a drawn out farewell – by taking your pet along for your next vacation. Our cabins can save you the last-minute rush of organizing pet care while you’re away, keeping your vacation planning – and the entire trip – easy and convenient.

Family hiking at gatlinburg pet friendly cabinsFurry Fun For All

Dog’s haven’t been referred to as “Man’s Best Friend” because they just happen to be around a lot. Your dog is genuinely a good companion, and can you remember the last time your dog wasn’t overjoyed to see you? You two belong together, and vacations are no exception. The possibilities for Smoky Mountain fun with your pet by your side are endless. From hiking the Smokies to catching a ride on the Gatlinburg Sky Lift and relaxing back at the cabin, it would almost be cruel not to include your pet. By staying in one of our Gatlinburg pet friendly cabins, you can be certain that you’ll have a comfortable stay without you or your canine companion missing out on any of the fun.

For more information about vacationing with your pet, check out our tips for a pet-friendly Gatlinburg vacation!

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