5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals for Large Groups

living room of large cabin in Gatlinburg TN

Planning your vacation to Gatlinburg should be fun — especially when you’re planning a group vacation. At Stony Brook Cabins, we want to help take the stress of planning a vacation off your shoulders so you can plan your group getaway completely hassle-free. Here are a few things that will help you plan your group vacation:

What type of vacations are best for Gatlinburg cabin rentals for large groups?

All types of vacations are great for our large cabin cabin rentals. Even if you’re not planning a big group vacation, you may have fewer people and just want the extra space that our large cabins offer.

Here are a few of the most popular types of vacations we see at our cabins:

  • vacations are best for Gatlinburg cabin rentals Family reunions
  • Church retreats
  • Corporate/business trips
  • Weddings and receptions
  • Birthday parties
  • Sports teams/tournaments

How do I know if a group cabin is right for us?

Here are a few questions to ask you and your group before booking one of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals for large groups.

1. How many people are visiting?

Before choosing a cabin, it’s best to know how many people are going to be staying with you. Whether you have 10 or 40 guests, we have space for your group! Of course, as long as you have a close estimate, we can help you select a cabin that will work for you.

Greystone Retreat2. Do you want to stay together in a single cabin?

If you’re interested in staying together in a single cabin, we have a number of cabins that sleep 20+ guests. Our largest cabin, Greystone Retreat, sleeps up to 60 guests! This 13-bedroom cabin is available starting in November of 2018 and has an indoor swimming pool, a home theater, fantastic views and so much more. We also have arrangements for larger groups who want to stay in separate cabins all located together. If you want to stay separately, just let us know and we can help you choose cabins that are near each other so you will have the privacy of your own cabin while still being close enough to spend time together.

To look at some of our cabins that are close to each other for larger groups, click here.

3. When do you plan to visit?

When you’re planning a group vacation, it’s important to plan as early as possible. This way, we can get you the best cabin for the time you plan to visit. If you’re visiting during the peak season, you’ll notice that cabins fill up quickly. If you need multiple cabins in a single area, planning early is the best option, so you can reserve those cabin rentals.

4. What is your group’s budget?

It’s important to know your budget when you’re planning a vacation. When you have a larger group, it can be helpful to split the cost of the cabin rental(s) with each individual in the group. When you do this, you’ll actually save money individually and have more space for your trip.

Cabin view of the Smokies5. Is there a specific view you’re looking for?

We have a variety of cabins that will meet your standards. Whether you’re looking for a mountain view or a wooded forest view, we can help you choose the best cabin for your group getaway. Just let us know and we’ll be able to narrow it down to a cabin that will be best for you.

For more information and to choose the perfect cabin for your group, check out all of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals for large groups.

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