Making the Perfect Burger in Your Cabin

When you’re staying in a cabin in Gatlinburg, it’s easy to go out for dinner at one of the excellent surrounding restaurants. You’ll likely also have a grill that you can use outdoors to make some store bought patties. However, what happens on those days when it’s raining and all you want to do is stay warm and dry in your Gatlinburg cabin rental?

Well, with some simple ingredients, you can make delicious burgers right in the cabin kitchen. First of all, you’ll need some ground meat. Beef is generally the most popular for traditional burgers, but ground turkey is becoming quite beloved as well. Once the meat has defrosted, mix in some egg. You’ll need the egg so that the burger patties stick together. Breadcrumbs, or whole wheat breadcrumbs if you want to go healthier, should be added into the batch too.

People like to put all different types of things into their burgers. One particular yummy recipe involves mincing up some garlic and onions to throw in there. Put in a bit of ketchup, some Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, and you’re ready to go. Mix it together the way that you do with meatloaf, and you’re ready to go.

You can now make these burgers on either the stove top or the oven. If you have a lot of them and you’re willing to wait a bit longer to eat, the oven is generally the better way to go. Stick in them for about 45 minutes at 375 degrees. About five to seven minutes before they are done, grab some slices of cheese to add to the top. Take them out, put them on your favorite buns or whole wheat rolls, add all of the toppings that you love and enjoy your homemade meal in your Gatlinburg cabin!

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