Here's Why Your Vacation Rental Should Be Pet Friendly

When you're trying to rent your cabin, there are a few things that can help make your cabin more appealing to renters. You could upgrade your cabin's pictures, add amenities like a hot tub or game table, or even upgrade appliances, but have you ever considered making your cabin a pet-friendly cabin rental? It's one small change that can have a big impact on your cabin's revenue and your cabin's appeal.

Keep reading to find out why we encourage you to consider making your cabin pet-friendly:

1. Opens Up Your Cabin for More Renters

Over 65% of households in the United States have a pet, and that number continues to rise each year. When you make your cabin pet-friendly, you'll be putting your cabin in front of a new audience of people who want to bring their pets along on vacation.

Of course, we understand that of that 65%, not all of them are looking to visit the Smoky Mountain area. But, if even a percentage of those people are looking for a pet-friendly cabin in the Smokies, you'd be missing out on potential renters.

When you don't have a pet-friendly rental, you're actually limiting your audience to thousands of people who visit the Smoky Mountains each year.

2. INVITE More Renters to Travel with Their Pets

For renters, it's more expensive and more stressful to leave their pets at home while they're on vacation. Renters generally have to spend hours searching for the best dog sitter or the best
kennel for their pet. Then, when they arrive on vacation, they spend hours worrying about their pet.

By making your cabin pet-friendly, those renters may be inspired to stay with you and bring their pet along – saving them the cost of a dog-sitter and the stress of worrying about the well-being of their pet while they're away. Overall, you'll be giving your renters an even more enjoyable vacation!

3. Creates Return Guests

Inviting your guests to bring their pets allows you to create a relationship with your renter. When you make their vacation enjoyable by allowing them to bring their pets, they'll return time and time again.

On average, vacationers travel to the Smoky Mountain area anywhere from 1-3 times per year. So, that means you have the chance to increase your rental revenue with guests who fall in love with your cabin rental!

To learn more about how to increase the revenue of your cabin by making it pet-friendly, give us a call today.

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