5 Things to Remember to Pack for Staying in Gatlinburg Pet Friendly Cabins

5 Things to Remember to Pack for Staying in Gatlinburg Pet Friendly Cabins

When you visit Gatlinburg, we know you’ll love our Gatlinburg pet friendly cabins. We know it’s important for you to bring your pet along on your vacation so you can have the entire family together.

1. Blanket, Sheet or Pillow from Home

One of the most important things for a pet is to keep them feeling as comfortable as possible when they are traveling. To make them feel like they’re at home, pack one of their favorite blankets, sheets, pillows or even their dog bed from home. This way, when you get to Gatlinburg, they’ll be familiar with the item and it’s scent, so they’ll start feeling more like they’re at home.

2. Leash

Of course, when you travel with your pet, you want to remember to pack a leash. It’s important to have a leash for any time your pet is outside. There’s not always fencing around the area where you may be spending time, so it’s easy for your pet to slip away – especially since your pet doesn’t know the Gatlinburg area well.

Things to Remember to Pack for Staying in Gatlinburg Pet Friendly CabinsIt’s also required for you to have your pet on a leash when you are in the national park. The Gatlinburg Trail is the only pet friendly hiking trail on the Gatlinburg side of the Smoky Mountains. For a short period of time (hopefully only through the end of 2016), Parson Branch Road in the Smokies is also a pet friendly hiking trail. The trail is closed to motor vehicles due to hazardous tree conditions, but walking and bicycling on the trail is safe – just be cautious.

3. Food and Water Bowls

To keep your pet feeling comfortable at our Gatlinburg pet friendly cabins, it’s best to pack his or her food and water bowls for your vacation.

If you forget food and water bowls, don’t worry. The cabins are equipped with kitchen supplies, so you will be able to use a couple of bowls from the kitchen. Or, if you’re concerned about your pet, you can stop in one of the pet shops in the area and pick up a couple of pet bowls for your visit.

4. Crate

Gatlinburg pet friendly cabinsIf your pet normally sleeps in a crate, please don’t forget to bring it with you! Your pet may enjoy the crate because of the “alone time” that the pet gets inside the crate. If you plan to spend some time out by the hot tub or on the porch and your pet is inside, the crate could also come in handy for keeping your pet out of trouble. Of course, we don’t require you to bring a crate with you, but if your pet is familiar with being crated, it may be a good idea.

5. Dog Collar with Updated Tags

One of the most important things is to make sure your pet’s tags are up to date. It’s incredibly unlikely that your pet will get away from you during your vacation, but if something were to happen, having a collar and updated tags on your pet is the best way to ensure that your pet gets returned quickly.

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