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Choosing the right property management company can be a tough decision. Yet, many owners choose a management company based primarily on chance; they keep the previous company, they follow the advice of others, they choose one based on the number of cabins in a program, or they find one on-line. While none of these approaches is inherently bad, would you trust your life savings to be managed based on the same criteria? How about your 401k, or your other retirement funds?

Consider Stony Brook Cabins, LLC to manage your vacation rental property –

  • On-site owners / managers – Active in day-to-day operations
  • Customer service experts – Friendly, reliable service for guests and owners alike
  • Accurate and timely accounting and funds disbursement – we are very serious about your money
  • Professionally trained housekeeping staff and Independent quality inspector
  • Professionally maintained Marketing program
    • High placement on major search engines
  • User friendly Website with a Book on-line Book Now emphasis
    • Over 1.2 million page views last year
    • Magazine quality photos – Fair to all properties
  • Cutting edge reservation software with housekeeping, maintenance, and owner modules
  • Members, Smoky Mountain Vacation Lodging Association, Tennessee Vacation Lodging Services, Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Businesses

We are not a Real Estate agency, our primary interest is not in selling your cabin but in renting it, often. We will help you maximize the return on your investment property.

Our philosophy is simple; When you win, we win, period!

We are always interested in adding additional quality properties to our inventory and would love the chance to talk with you about our program. So, if you have a rental cabin or are thinking about purchasing one please give Pam a call at 800.633.5652 Ext 102. She will be glad to set up a time to see the property and discuss its income potential and how it best fits in our program.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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