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It Takes a Team to Maximize Your Rental's Success

At Stony Brook Cabins, we believe in property management that goes beyond business. We envision a world where homeowners aren't burdened by hidden fees, contract loopholes, or ulterior motives. We're dedicated to treating your property as if it were our own, ensuring top-notch care.

Through our strategic marketing plans, 24/7 guest support, and committed maintenance team, you now have the opportunity to stress less while earning more. Join us in redefining property management.

Stress-Free Management

Our commitment as a property manager is to allow you to be stress-free and truly "hands off". We oversee every detail, ranging from dynamic pricing strategies that maximize your booking revenue to handling all guest communications to get that five-star review. And of course, we prioritize the meticulous maintenance of your rental cabin, ensuring it remains in prime condition. With us, property management is not just convenient—it's completely hassle-free.

24/7 Guest Support

Our team is there to answer questions and provide support 7-days a week (and after-hours!). We pride ourselves on being 100% accessible to our guests and homeowners.

Strategic Marketing

We make sure your vacation rental shines online with a highly optimized listing and targeted email, social media, and advertising campaigns.

Dedicated Local Team

The Smoky Mountains are our "home" and we're not some far-flung company. Our local team members have some of the best benefits in the industry including full health, IRA plus matching, maternity leave, and more. We love our team, and it shows in how we treat our owners and guests!

Our Property Management Services

We do the work so you can relax! Our turn-key services encompass everything from booking to check-out.

Easy Onboarding

  • Optimized online listing
  • High quality photography
  • Custom copywriting
  • Smartlock set up

Maximum Revenue

  • Dynamic pricing technology
  • Marketing on our website, VRBO, Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, Marriot Homes and Villas, and more.
  • Extensive database of loyal guests who book annually.

Premium Property Care

  • Assigned professional cleaner
  • Inspection after every guest
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Guest damage waivers so you don't pay for mistakes.

Excellent Communication

  • Prompt communication via text, phone call, and email.
  • 24/7 guest services
  • Guest portal with property info

Attracting Guests

  • Email, social media, and advertising campaigns
  • Listings on the top booking sites
  • Return guest incentives

Owner Services

  • Owner portal where you can view reservations
  • Monthly statements
  • Sit-down reviews whenever you're in town

Take It From Our Homeowners

"Managing a property is tough when you live hundreds of miles away. It helps to have a trustworthy partner - and someone with boots on the ground - to take care of your investment. I can finally relax and let my investment flourish."

Take It From Our Homeowners

"The best part? Knowing that someone is really taking care of my guests. I love reading their reviews and learning how they find everything easily, and their whole experience with my cabin was stress free."

Take It From Our Homeowners

"It started with just one cabin and they DOUBLED the income from the previous manager. I've since gone on to buy 4 more over the past two years... And I keep shopping for more! I definitely couldn't do it without them."

Discover Our Tips for Rental Success

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