4 Questions to Help You Decide if Gatlinburg Cabin Wedding is Right for You

Have you thought about having a Gatlinburg cabin wedding? Cabin weddings are much more relaxed, simple, and stress free. Plus, you get the added benefits of celebrating with your close friends and family. Here are a few questions to ask to help you decide if a Gatlinburg cabin wedding is right for your ceremony:

1. Are you interested in a more private wedding ceremony?

Having a Gatlinburg cabin wedding doesn't have to mean it's a completely private, bride and groom only, ceremony. The great thing about having a wedding at your cabin is that you can rent a Gatlinburg cabin with as little or as much space as you need for your ceremony. When you're interested in a private, intimate ceremony, a Gatlinburg cabin wedding is definitely right for you.

2. Do you want to spend time with your close friends and family?

Do you want to spend time with your close friends and family
If you rent a larger cabin, you'll be able to have all of your friends and family stay together under one roof. This way, you can spend quality time with each of them instead of hoping you can catch up with everyone at a larger ceremony. If you're really looking forward to time with friends and family, extend your stay by a couple of days before or after the ceremony so you can explore all of the great attractions and have a little fun while you're visiting.

3. Are you looking for a location convenient to all of your guests?

When you have a Gatlinburg cabin wedding, it's convenient to you and all of your guests. Everyone can arrive at a single location and everyone can be together throughout the wedding getaway. Having a Gatlinburg cabin wedding makes your wedding day completely stress free. When you set up everything for your wedding day - the minister, flowers, and anything else to make your day special - it can all be set up and ready to go at the cabin before your ceremony begins. This means you don't have to worry about being in any type of crunch time to get things set up and taken down. If you're looking for stress free, it also helps that the ceremony can happen at the same place as the reception. After the wedding is over, you can celebrate right at the cabin. If you want to prepare food, there is a fully equipped kitchen at each cabin, so you can prep, store, and prepare anything for your reception.

4. Are you planning to have your honeymoon in Gatlinburg, too?

Are you interested in a more private wedding ceremony
There's nothing more convenient than having your honeymoon right after your Gatlinburg cabin wedding ceremony. As soon as the ceremony is over, the honeymoon can begin! Even if your friends and family are staying a few days with you, you won't have to travel to get to your honeymoon destination. For more help planning the perfect wedding in Gatlinburg, take a look at these ways to make the most of your Gatlinburg weddingBe sure to take a look at all of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals to find the cabin that's best for your Gatlinburg cabin wedding and honeymoon.
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